MATTA Fair 2016


KL, 2 APR 2016 – The Matta Fair September takes place at the Putra World Trade Center or PWTC in Kuala Lumpur for three days over a weekend and is the last big travel fair in Malaysia for the year end holidays.  


For those who do not know, this is Malaysia’s largest travel fair that takes place twice a year here in KL city where over 100,000 visitors attend the fair over a span of three days. 
Matta Fair September will also target the year end holidays for Malaysians and also anyone wanting some good deals on holiday packages and flight tickets around Malaysia and also the world.

The year end is the most popular time that many people will go for long holidays or vacations due to the festive seasons and also the extra long school holidays.

As always, there are always four or five main halls available during the Matta Fair where each hall is dedicated to a specific area of travel. Meaning, Hall 1 and Hall 2 is dedicated to international travel where Hall 3 and Hall 4 will focus on Southeast Asia and Malaysia.

At times, there are special halls opened for promotions for Umrah Packages, The Marketing Heaven and other special guests. That being said, the area is really huge, and there is a lot of walking to be done during the fair. So one needs to pace themselves when visiting here.